Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day Nine- Goonies Never Say Die!

Our ninth day of traveling was one of my favorites. We had another late start to the morning but made it to Portland in time for lunch with my brother, Adam and his girlfriend, Shelley. That was especially nice because he is moving to Michigan at the end of summer and we don't know when we will see him again.
We had lunch at a little pub in the city that is dog friendly. He pretty much only visits places that allow dogs because they are traveling with his giant dog, Chaco. Adam and Shelley have been on their own traveling adventure this summer. Chaco took a nap at my feet while we ate lunch.

I hate that we didn't get a photo with Shelly, too. She took one of all of us and then we didn't get one with her. We had a nice visit but had to cut it short because we had a lot of driving to do that day.

Next on the list for the day was a stop in Astoria, Oregon. If you are a kid who grew up on The Goonies, you know the significance of this stop.  I was stoked to see the actual house where they filmed a lot of the scenes from the movie. Rumor has it that a sequel is in the works.

Luckily, the owner, neighborhood and town are very friendly to Goonies fans. After all, this is a private home. 

G didn't walk up to the house with us. It was all up hill and would have been a bit too much for him. Really, this was more my thing anyway. He wasn't all that excited about it.

Around the corner from the house is a little coffee shop that sells Goonies shirts, stickers, patches and pins. That worked out perfectly since Romy is collecting pins and Jack is collecting patches from the places we visit.

After leaving Astoria, it wasn't long before we arrived at the Washington state line. 

Even more coastal driving this day. I love it! The fog hangs over the trees in Washington and it was overcast much of the day. My favorite kind of weather. As we made our way north, the forest turned into rain forest. So pretty and different then anything we had seen so far. Everything is lush and green. We found Bella's truck from the movie, Twilight, in Forks. A nice little town, but not much there.

We were there in the evening and stopped for dinner at the busiest place in town. A little diner with simple foods. We were too late go see the inside of the visitors center and timber museum.

The drive the rest of the night was a very windy road along Lake Crescent at the base of the mountains. The moon was so bright and set just right between two mountains that we stoped just to look at it. Another beautiful place in the world I feel lucky to have seen.

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