Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day Number Six

Day number six started with all of us a bit lethargic from our trip to Disney Land the day before. Right away we headed to Los Angeles. The first stop of the day was SpaceX. As many of you know, we are a SpaceX obsessed family. The fire was only fueled by our tour of the SpaceX facilities in McGregor, Texas. The location in L.A. is the headquarters. Naturally, we had to do a drive by and get a quick photo of Jack outside the building. At first the security guard wasn't too sure about us. After we explained what we were up to, he was more than happy to allow us to get the pic. Jack and G were very happy to get to see it.

Stop number two for the day was the California Science Museum. This was another awesome stop for Jack. 

We got to see a real space shuttle from the NASA program. This shuttle is called the Endeavour. It flew twenty something missions before it was decommissioned. Then is was very carefully and tediously transferred to it's new home in the California Science Museum. It was really cool to see it so close up. Very different in person than you would expect. It is made up of many, many small panels and tiles. Every single one of them is numbered. Something you would never know, seeing it from afar. We did see a space shuttle at NASA in Houston several years ago, but not so close up, and Jack was too little to remember.

The rocket engines are huge. These are much bigger than the engines we saw tested at SpaceX.

Stop number three for the day was a quickie. We found Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, and snapped a photo in front of the building. I think this was the highlight of G's day! 

Stop number four was lunch at Smash Burger. I know, I know, they are in Dallas, but we have never tried it. It was pretty good, but they are a little too proud of those burgers if you ask me.

Stop number five was the Grammy Museum. This was Romy's thing for sure. I am the real music buff in the house but we went for The Taylor Swift Experience. Romy was in heaven. Here they are trying out a hands on instrument exhibit.

As controversial as MJ is, we still love to listen to his old hits like Thriller. Here are the original jackets he wore in the music video. Pretty cool.

Romy in her element.

Taylor Swift everywhere!

Pretending to play Taylor's piano.

Stop six, Hollywood!! We walked around outside the Grauman's Chinese Theater, seeing all the autographs, and stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I was especially excited to find Drew Barrymore right out front. I couldn't get any of the others to stop and take a photo with any of the stars. They think I'm a dork for doing so, but I thought it was awesome!

The cast of the Harry Potter movies.

The Twilight actors.

Here we are in front of the theater.

We walked up and down Hollywood Blvd. for a bit. It is crazy with tourists. It was sort of funny and sort of sad at the same time, seeing some Chinese tourists take photos of the bums sleeping in the street. I guess they probably don't have bums in China? The nicest shop we went into was a Disney/Ghiradelli shop. We were very shocked at how filthy and dirty Hollywood was. Trash everywhere in the street. G said it smelled like hot garbage. Another new experience for the kids, not like at Disney at all, the people standing around dressed in costume. Jack did not like it one bit and it made him very nervous the entire time we were in Hollywood. Some dude in a Spiderman costume jumped in front of Romy and yelled, "I love you, take me home with you!" She hid behind me after that, LOL. 

The last fun thing for the day was finding the Hollywood sign on the hill. We found it easily enough, but it took some driving through the Hollywood hills to find a good spot to get a photo. Still, using the camera on my phone, these were the best shots I was able to get. I was satisfied. Now we can say, "been there, done that."

We also drove by Tower Records.

Los Angeles and Hollywood were cool to see, but it made me really appreciate our little town.
That night we stayed in the middle of nowhere, a tiny place called Gorman, California.
Another great day and lots of items checked off the bucket list!
So many more to go......

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