Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day Three Part One

We did so much on day three! After waking up in the morning, we drove strtaight to Four Corners. This is an interesting little spot, in the middle of nowhere. The cool thing about it is that you can stand in four states at one time. Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. We arrived a bit early, and had to wait to get in. They charge five dollars per person. Once you are in, there is a cool little place where all the states meet and are labeled. Each state's flags are flying, too. We literally spent about thirty seconds in Utah. The kids were impressed and we were able to add Utah to the list of states we have been to. Is that cheating a little?

Standing in each of the four states.

The flags at Four Corners.

We found the Arizona sign right down the road from Four Corners.

Just being silly.

Our second destination for the day was the Grand Canyon. Just like the mountains, photos just don't capture the beauty and awesomeness. It just goes on and on, far and wide. We saw the South Rim. Garrett very much enjoyed sharing it with the kids. People flock there form all over the world. Every family we passed was speaking a different language. 

The kids got to see their first elk while driving through the park. I saw something run across the road ahead of us that I said looked like a monkey. I wasn't wearing my glasses. Turns out, it was a small mountain lion. G and the kids have been teasing me for days about seeing a monkey. 

While we were there, we purchased a pass for all of the National Parks. There are a few other parks we plan to visit on our trip. We figure this will save a bit of money later.

I know the kids will never forget seeing the grand canyon. It was amazing!

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