Thursday, July 30, 2015

Days 13 & 14

Ok. So, I was very bad and didn't take one single photo on the day we went to Mall of America in Minnesota. We finally had a day with only a little driving and I just wanted to enjoy it. I could have taken photos of the super yummy Japanese food we had for lunch. I could have taken photos of us on all the fun rides we rode. I could have taken photos of all the shopping we did. BUT, we were just having a great day and I didn't even think about it. Sorry folks. I will tell you that G rented a motorized wheel chair and that made his day. He thoroughly enjoyed riding around the mall at full speed and leaving us to catch up. Then putting it in reverse, as it made a beeping noise like a truck backing up, causing people to scatter before he ran them over. He may have had more fun than the rest of us. But not by much, because all the rides were great!

Romy did get a photo of her cookie when I got them all a macaroon.

Then, when we went to the Lego store, Jack wanted a picture with the Lego storm trooper. He ended up getting a lego set, but we mailed it home. We ended up mailing several things home because our car is so small, that our souveniers were beginning to take up too much space. 

If you ever find yourself at the Mall of America, I highly recommend you just spend the nine bucks on the coupon book. After doing the research, I decided to go ahead and buy it, even though the very strange man at the counter didn't seem to want to sell it to me. It has hundreds of great coupons and even though there was no way we could use them all, it saved us over a hundred dollars for the day. We were able to use a coupon for nearly every purchase we made. Pretty awesome if you ask me! Another thing that saved a lot of money was waiting until after 5pm to buy tickets to the Nickelodeon Park. That also saved us another hundred dollars.

We got the kids some travel pillows on one of our supply stops. They were complaining of neck pains from sleeping in the car so much on the nights when we were driving late. As you can see, they are very happy with them.

After leaving Minnesota, we went to Chicago. Here is where we started having a difficult time getting the photos of us in front of the state welcoms signs. In the first half of the trip, they were very east to get to and many of them were on smaller roads, because of where we crossed over. As we have gone further North East, they tend to be on bridges, or set off from the road, where you can't get close to them.  Oh well.

Once we got to Chicago, we met up with Chris LaBlanc, one of G's old Navy buddies. They served on the USS Groton together. We had a nice time. As it just so happened, it was National Hot Dog Day when we were in Chicago. We got to have a Chicago dog, in Chicago on the perfect day! 

After lunch, we headed to downtown Chicago. Much driving through traffic later, we made it! There is a lot to see and do in Chicago, but we just didn't have time for much. Our Chicago day was more about visiting with old friends. For dinner, we met up with Ryan & Anna Johnson and their two adorable kids. 

We had pizza at Giordano's. We are told it is the best in Chicago. As far as we are concerned it was the best we've ever had! I think we all preferd the cheese.

Once we were all stuffed with pizza, we headed out towards our hotel for the night in Indiana.

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