Saturday, July 25, 2015

Driving Through a Giant Tree on Day Eight

After spending the night outside of San Francisco, we made our way farther North, towards Fort Bragg. The drive along the Pacific coast was gorgeous. Our destination: Glass Beach, in Long Beach, California.

I read about the beach online and really wanted to visit.

This beach was used as a dump in the past. People would throw out appliances, vehicles, and all kinds of garbage. The town eventually cleaned it up and it is now a very pretty beach. 

The result is all this smooth, colorful bits of glass left behind, mixed in with the sand and rocks. Really neat. Not like any beach I've seen before. 

We put our feet in the very cold water and enjoyed the view. 

Jack made friends with a ground squirrel that was almost a little too friendly. He wasn't scared of us at all. 

Next, we headed back into the mountains and redwoods. When we got to Leggett, California, we went through a park where you can drive through a real, living redwood tree. That was awesome! The lady at the booth said out car was too tall with the wheelchair on top, but we took it as a challenge. Luckily, we fit!

After the tree park, we made a cool discovery. There was a place in the middle of nowhere called Trees of Mystery. G saw the giant Paul Bunyan and Babe statues and slammed on the brakes. Paul Bunyan talked to us and it was awesome!

Then, we crossed over into Oregon! Another happy day with more checks on that bucket list.


  1. You forgot the Hawaiian food we ate for dinner.

  2. You forgot the Hawaiian food we ate for dinner.