Saturday, July 11, 2015

More On Day One

Our first day was great. We did a ton of driving in order to make it all the way to Colorado for our first night. We took our first selfie in the driveway before leaving home.

Our first real touristy stop was the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. This is a row of old Cadillacs standing up, partially buried in the earth. The interesting part is that you can bring your own spray paint and go to town. This would have been great fun, but it had recently rained and the card were surrounded by water and mud. So, we just took some fun photos and the kids spray painted their names in the dirt. They went away happy.

*Be warned, this is an unattended destination. Unfortunately, there is trash everywhere, so be prepared for that if you go. It is owned by the state, so I am surprised it is not taken care of a bit better. Still, a good stop if you have older kids.*
After much driving we finally made it to New Mexico! We traveled up US 87. We didn't see much and the terrain was very flat with straight roads. Other than stopping for a picture at the sign, we only made one other stop for gas while in the state. 
Not much later we arrived in Colorful Colorado! Before we even got there, we were seeing the Rocky Mountains. None of us other than G have seen such mountains and it was very exciting. I have seen mountains in New England, but somehow it is just not as impressive. 
Here is our first photo of the mountains! They seem to be endless. In some places, no matter the direction you turn, you are surrounded. It is simply breathtaking. This is a bit cheezy, but I think I understand what John Denver was talking about now.
We spent the night in Pueblo, Colorado. Since we arrived a bit late, we didn't see much of Pueblo. Dinner was at a restaurant called Cactus Flower. Noah and I agreed those were some of the best tacos we had EVER eaten! That is saying a lot coming from Texans. We were a bit sceptical at first. The style was more Southwest, but so good!

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