Monday, July 27, 2015

Mount Rushmore for Day 12

After a short night's rest in Wyoming, we were quickly on our way to South Dakota. It was lucky that when we found the South Dakota state sign, the Wyoming sign was just across a two lane highway. We make a U-turn and got the shot with the Wyoming sign. Still have every state sign at this point!

Mount Rushmore is on top of a mountain, as many of our other stops have been. So many visitors here, too! 

When we first arrived, we were all saying how much small it was than we expected. Once you get a lot closer, you realize it just seems small. It is not small at all! 

G got to visit when he was a kid. He told us he didn't remember being able to get as close as we did. 

Such an amazing work of art! 

I didn't get a pic of it, but we had ice cream that was made with a recipe that was created by Thomas Jefferson. The kids were all about the Thomas Jefferson ice cream. Not exactly your every day kid of treat!

They had a great gift shop where we were able to get some patches, magnets and pins for states we traveled through too quickly to find souvenirs. Our cashier was from the DFW area! That was pretty cool!

Further down the road, we found this giant tourist trap called Wall Drug. It was huge! Each of the kids sat on the giant jackalope for photos.

Another amazing sight seen! 

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