Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Eighth Day Was Spent in and Around San Francisco

Day number eight was full of so much fun! We started the day with a drive through some farming country. Cherries, and pistachios are sold at every road side stand along the back roads. It really was sad to see so much farm land dead or dying because of the drought in California. We did see orchards by the dozens though, and the kids got to see where the Cuties that they love to eat are grown. At one of our many stops for gas, there were wild peacocks running around. Jack was very impressed.

The first real destination stop for the day was the Google Headquarters. This stop was planned beause G and Noah wanted to find the Google Garden. This is not your average garden. No flowers here. It is filled with sculptures of Android Operating Systems. They all have crazy names like Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean. Fun. 

As we were driving around all the buildings trying to find the garden, we got to get a good look at all the employees riding their Google bikes around. If you have ever seen the movie Interns, you know what I'm talking about. 

As it just so happened, there were about 20 or so bikes parked right next to the Google Garden. I looked at G and said, "I'm going to ride one!" He and the kids were hesitant at first but quickly decided to join in. We just did a couple of circles in the parking lot and put them right back where they belonged. I just couldn't resist. I mean, when will we ever have the chance again, right? Not too many people can say they have ridden a Google bike!

Next, Noah drove us into San Francisco. First thing on the list was to find and drive down Lombard Street. We got a fun video from inside the car of Noah driving down the street. That took some skills!

Next up was a visit to Pier 39. A big pier, full of dining and shopping. Of course we had some sea food for lunch. G and I agreed that we had the best clam chowder of our lives at Pier Market Seafood Restaurant. We walked around all the touristy shops and got some souviners, ate fresh donuts, and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. 

It was cold and windy near the water. We had a great view of Alkatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Just like you see in the movies, it was covered in fog. Perfect.

I just had to stop and get a fortune from Zoltar. Remember the movie BIG? 

After leaving the pier, we were on a mission to find the Full House house for Romy. She and I both love the show and it was a neat little thing to stop and get some photos. You know, just so we can say we did that.

China Town was really neat. We walked up and down the street, going into a couple of shops and looking like stupid tourists. 

We walked into one shop where the owner bombarded us and conned me into buying tons of stuff. For the record, I wanted to buy all that junk anyway. Romy found it amusing that she let me take a photo of the shop after we spent some money. Another woman tried to take pictures without buying anything and the owner told her, "NO PHOTOS!"
We loved seeing all the little kitchy stuff in the shops.

One thing we missed doing was taking a ride on a cable car. We waited for what seemed like forever for one to show up at a designated stop. It never showed and we determened that line must have been down for repairs that day.

Next was the drive across the Golden Gate Bridge! 

After driving across, we drove up the hill to a spot that G read about online. It used to be a military fort with large wepons. That was interesting. From the hill, we were able to get some amazing photos.

San Fran was another fun day with many bucket list checks. The next day will be our last in California.


  1. Looks like you all are having a wonderful trip and creating lasting memories. I also have Multiple Myeloma and was visiting some of the same areas as you all yesterday. Enjoy your trip. Take care.

  2. We really are having a wonderful time, thanks! I hope you are as well. It is great to know you are traveling as well. :)