Sunday, July 26, 2015

Seattle, Washington for Day Ten

What a great view to wake up to in Washington. We stayed the night at a hotel called the 
Flag Ship Inn. A very nice, but interesting place. It seemed to be trapped in time. The decor was all straight out of the 1990's. They even had a VCR in the room and a sign that boasted a VCR library with all the latest titles, and a Fax machine! Wow! 

Jack was thrilled to learn that we would be taking a ferry ride over to Seattle. It was the largest ferry that any of us had ever been on. The ride lasted for about an hour and Jack had to stand as far forward at the rail as he could get, for the entire ride. Later in the day, he thanked us again for taking him on the ferry. Love that he loved it so much.

It was very cold and windy but he didn't care.

Our view coming into Seattle.

I got this great shot of downtown just before driving off the boat.

Naturally, our first stop of the morning was the original Starbucks. We happily waited for our coffee and souvenir mug to add to our Starbucks mug collection back home.

This dude was keeping us entertained while we waited in line. Starbucks is located in the Pike Place Market. There is so much to see there, and yummy smelling food everywhere!

This Barista was the real deal. Quite entertaining!

Next for the day was a visit to the Space Needle. 

It was very windy up there.

A view from the top.

Here, they boys were checking out a display of real parts used in the making of the Space Needle.

A view of the Chihuly garden from above.

The Space Needle was very nice, but to be honest, not much different from Reunion Tower in Dallas. Pretty much the same bang for your buck. 

After leaving we crossed over into Idaho.

We crossed over into Montana just as the sun was beginning to set. If you look closely, you can see the Welcome to Montana sign on the bridge behind us.

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