Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Packing

It's almost here! We head out bright and early tomorrow morning!

Yesterday was a good day. G was very worried about what the oncologist would have to say about his health, and ability to take the trip. At first, some of the blood work had G a bit upset, but Dr. Maisel said it was nothing to worry about. His initial numbers for yesterday's visit are looking good. There are still more results to come, but we chose to wait until the next visit to know what those are. This way no one is stressing about it on the trip and we can enjoy ourselves. Let me reassure you, the dr had only positive things to say about G and the trip. He seemed especially interested that we will be visiting Washington state. Said we should visit the first Starbucks and have one for him, which was already on our itinerary. We will have to get him a souvenir for sure!

Today will be about last minute errands, like washing the car, picking up some post card stamps, and quarters for doing laundry on the road, and making sure the house sitter has everything needed to take care of the kitties. Our schedule is pretty tight and we absolutely have to make it to some of our destinations on time, because we are meeting up with a few friends and family members along the way! 

Then there is the packing. That is always fun. My suitcase is already overflowing. I'm the worst when it comes to packing light. The new car doesn't allow for much luggage, so fitting it all in is going to be interesting. We will also have to be careful about how much we accumulate along the way. I'm seriously thinking I may have to mail some things home ahead of us.

My good friend from way back is always sending the kids cool stuff in the mail. The other day she sent them each a travel journal and some Mad Libs. I can't wait to see how each kid fills in the pages. Seems like a great way to remember the trip in years to come. Thanks Christi! Can't wait to see you!

Lastly for today, I refuse to be ashamed. I purchased a $5 selfie stick. I know what many of you are thinking as you read this. Gross. But, come on, think about it. When we are at the Grand Canyon and we want a great photo of the entire family, we can just take it! I mean, we have had several friendly strangers in the past offer to take a photo so we are all included, which was great. Ever the pessimist, I always cringe a little on the inside, wondering if this seemingly kind person is going to turn out to be a creep who runs off with my phone. I figure this prevents those awkward moments. 

The next time you hear from us, we will be in another state! 

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