Friday, August 14, 2015

A Day of Travel for number 24, The Start of Day 25

The 24th day of our trip was a major travel day. We started in New Jersey, drove through Delaware and ended up in Maryland.

This photo  is of us leaving Delaware, since we missed getting a photo on the way in.

This is also where we crossed the Mason-Dixon Line.

While in Maryland, we visited Annapolis. I didn't take one single photo while we were there. 
We met up again with G's friend, Russell Brown, for lunch. We dined at Chick & Ruth's Deli. I wouldn't recommend that restaurant to anyone. You can find my review on Google if you would like to know more about our experience there. Gross. We did have a nice visit with Russell and a good walk around the downtown area. Spent a little too long walking around and returned to a parking ticket on the car! Nice. That night we arrived at our hotel in D.C. The Cambria was very nice. Especially since it was free for both nights. You know you are traveling a lot when you start to get free hotel rooms.

For day 25 in D.C., G decided he would not use a wheelchair. So stubborn. He wore himself out, because we did a ton of walking. My pedometer gave me an award that day for the most steps I had ever walked. Trust me. We felt it. We were worried about the cost of parking everywhere, so we took an Uber car to our first stop, The Supreme Court building, and walked from there. We just enjoyed this one from the outside. 

Next, and best, was the Library of Congress. 

I do not believe I have ever seen so much beauty in one place. The books, the murals, the architecture. Incredible! A must see for anyone visiting DC. The staff there was also much friendlier than a lot of other places we visited.

This is the personal library of Thomas Jefferson. Half of it. Wow.

Some of the first printed books in the United States.

A couple of the first bibles ever printed on a printing press.

It is said that the Library of Congress is sinking. I could not find any evidence in my research as to the truth of this. Anyone out there know for sure?

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