Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ann Arbor for day 15

For out fifteenth day, we started the morning at a Kia dealership. It was time for the first oil change on the new car. This means we had already put over 7,000 miles on it! Wow. Not even one month old. This was in Indiana.

We made it to Michigan by early afternoon. Our only real plans for the day were to meet up with an old friend for dinner. I had been to Michigan for a visit a couple of years earlier and my friend Christi took me to an apple farm for cider. I remembered it fondly and decided to take the kids there. Uncle John's Cider Mill is the name. Yes, we know it is the off season for apples, but they still had cider and donuts. G and the kids had a cider slush, which G thoroughly enjoyed. The donuts were good, too. They even had one of those blow up trampoline things in the ground. It is not really a trampoline, more like a bounce house with no walls. It was a perfect way for the kids to get rid of some energy, after being trapped in the car all morning. 

Next, we headed into Ann Arbor. A very pretty town, home of University of Michigan. My good friend Christi, found us a place to stay for the night, through Airbnb. A first for us, and quite interesting. A nice place, with a great aroma and interesting art. Even the paintings, by our host, made great use of left over pot leaves. Totally wish I had some photos of that! 

I didn't get any photos, because this was a day that was quite busy. We really needed to do laundry. One of our kids was already out of underwear. So, unfortunately, we didn't get to see much of Ann Arbor besides the inside of a laundromat. We rushed to get laundry finished before our dinner date.

We met up with Christi and Rich for dinner at a nice restaurant/brewery, called Grizzly Peak. It was my second visit, and the food was just as good this time as the last. Once again, thanks to Christi and Rich for a lovely dinner! It was fun to talk about old times. It was even more fun to see the kids react to some of our stories! 

Sadly we only had the one day in Michigan. It was busy, just like every day of this crazy trip, but fun.

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