Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 21 part 1

New York was a big deal for us. G had spent some time there when younger, and I had been, but never really experienced it. We decided ahead of time that we would spend two whole days in the Big Apple. It was a good decision. We stayed in the same hotel for three nights, the only time that has happened this entire trip. Every other place was just one night. Another thing we did was buy tickets for the Big Bus Tours. We got a two day pass to ride the Double Decker bus, on and off as much as we wanted. This package also came with tickets to three attractions. After much research, and deciding what we wanted most to see, the tickets actually saved us a ton of money.  Here we are the first morning, just before boarding our first bus. It was a Friday. Times Square!

This blog post is only about our first stop of the day. Lots of photos were taken at The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

This is the largest cathedral in the world. Who knew the largest cathedral in the world was in New York? Not me.

Construction on the cathedral began in 1892, and it is said that the cathedral will never be finished. It is under constant construction. There was even a crew working the day we were there.

It was just amazing.

We were told that eight of the columns were created in Maine and transported to the cathedral in New York. It took three months because it was 1903 and transportation and shipping were not what they are today.

There are many little side chapels and crypts.

If you look closely, you can see some interesting people in history.

What a great way to start our tour of NYC. Even Noah took some photos, and he never does that. 

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