Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day Two in Washington D.C. Makes 26

Day two in D.C. started at the Washington Monument. I always wondered why the memorial was made of different colors of stone. Turns out, they ran out of donation money and had to stop building. Nearly thirty years later, congress approved public funding to finish the monument. It was the first monument on the National Mall. 

There is a great view of the Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Monument.

You can also see the White House pretty well.

Looking up. 

We decided not to go inside. Again, too much to see for the day and the lines were long.

Next up, the Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

Our view from inside the Lincoln Memorial.

The Jefferson Memorial.

Seeing the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was a first for all of us. G really wanted to see this one. It is very impressive.

Interesting, the way he is cut away from the rest of the stone.

After seeking out all the monuments, our last stop in D.C. was Arlington National Cemetery.

G and I had been here before but didn't see much of it. We saw a lot this day, and walked it all. It was about 97 degrees that day. Not really a wise choice. FYI- they have a tram you can ride if you ever visit on a hot day. Don't be stupid like we were. On a day with mild weather, it would be a nice walk.

Naturally, we had to find Audie Murphy. We always seek out any memorial, painting, or little thing in his honor. After all, G and the kids are related to him. I find it sad that he is buried with a regular head stone. I would think he would have a more interesting memorial at Arlington because he is the most decorated hero of WWII. There is a little walkway leading up to his grave. Originally, there was not. It was added later, after people wore a path in the grass to stop and pay their respects.

G was very happy that we were able to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 
I didn't know a lot about it until reading up on how it started. It makes me sad that the soldiers that were not selected were returned to foreign cemeteries and not brought back to America, where they belong.

So many laid to rest here.

Did you know that the grounds reserved for Arlington National Cemetery were intentionally chosen because it had been the home of General Robert E. Lee? That's his home in the background.

This wrapped up our visit to D.C. We did so much in just two days! I really hope the kids will never forget it. It was, to me, one of the most important parts of our trip. I think we all learned a lot.

After arriving in North Carolina, I went online and found a BBQ joint with good reviews. G really wanted to have some BBQ in North Carolina. 

Not even joking. This was absolutely the best BBQ we have eaten, and one of the best meals we had on our trip. Hands down. We were all in agreement. The greens, and spicy macaroni were to die for. We were there on Wednesday for brisket, which was lucky. No knife needed. G was worried when we first pulled up because it was a hole in the wall joint connected to a gas station. It is in Durham, NC, so if you are ever in the area, it is a must. 

After that, we did laundry and passed out in our hotel room.

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