Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jersey to Philly, and Back Again on Day 23

New York was exhusting!

Our first stop of the day was Carlo's bake shop in Hoboken, New Jersey. Ever watch the show, Cake Boss? This was something Romy really wanted to do so G made it happen. It was perfect because we had a dinner date later that evening, and were asked to bring a dessert. The cookies were a hit.

Once we left Jersey, G took us to see a synagogue in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Not just any synagogue. It was the only one designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. We didn't do enough research to know that we could have taken a tour. I was happy enough to see the outside. Here are many photos for your enjoyment.

I'm lucky that G is always thinking of me and the things I love to do.

After leaving the synagogue, we headed over to Philly.

Our first stop in Philadelphia was Geno's Steaks. We all agree it was the best cheese steak we have ever eaten. Even Romy enjoyed it and she is not a cheese steak fan. She and I were a bit sceptical about the cheese wiz. The cheese fries were especially cheesy and yummy. G said he can now die a happy man, it was that good!

Next, we went to see the liberty bell. A special, symbolic part of American history.

At Independence Hall.

After we finished in Philly, we had to get to our dinner date in Cape May, New Jersey. 

My mom, aunts, and uncle were all born in New Jersey. My grandmother grew up there. My grandmother's sister, Bessie and her family are still there. I had never met any of them before, but am friends with my cousin Rena on Facebook. When I told her we would be in her area, she was happy to have us for a visit and we got to meet lots of cousins. It was the only home cooking we had for the entire month we were away. Thanks again to all of you for such a warm welcome! Thanks also to my Great Aunt Bessie for sharing her lovely photos!

Bessie on her wedding day.

My grandfather, John. I believe he is holding my Aunt Marscha.

My grandmom, Mary, and grandpop, John are the couple on the right, 
toasting her sister on her wedding day.
It wasn't often that my grandmom smiled that big when I knew her.

Mary, my grandmom's mother, on her second wedding day.

My grandmom, her mother, Ed, the groom. I'm not sure who the best man was.

My great grandmother on the beach at Atlantic City.

My grandmom and grandpop are the couple on the right.

My great grandmother is on the far left.

My grandmom is standing, her sister Bessie is the smallest, and the other girl was my grandmom's close friend. Taken in Camden, New Jersey, around 1945.

My great grandmother, Mary.

This one is not quite as old. My grandmom is sitting on the left, Aunt Sharon in the middle, Aunt Marscha, standing in the back, and my mom, Jocelyn, holding the cat.

Here we are with Kevin, Rena, and Joann. 

Me with my Great Aunt Bessie.
She's a bit of a firecracker!

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