Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Landing in Maine for Day 17

Several states flew by quickly on our seventeenth day. The first state was Vermont. Then it was New Hampshire. We made a couple of stops along the way. We had to get some real maple syrup and cookies, of course. The lady at the little shop we stopped in was a real charmer. When I asked where the restroom was, the said, "Depends on which way you are going. Fourteen miles that way, and three miles that way." Nice.

Then, G took me to see a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Manchester, NH. It is called the Zimmerman house. Naturally we didn't take a tour because they charge hundreds of dollars for that. I did get to see it from the outside, and get some photos. Love this one.

Finally, about mid afternoon, we made it to York Beach, Maine. We have always wanted to go back. It was exciting to see how little it had changed over the years. For those of you who don't know, we lived there in all of 1997, before moving on to Connecticut. G was stationed at the Naval base in New Hampshire at the time, aboard the USS Groton.

Naturally, the beach was our first stop. We had to put our feet in the freezing water!

We went by our old house for a photo. It looks exactly the same as it did nearly 20 years ago. Our apartment was on the second floor, just above us.

Next, we had to show the kids Nubble Light. It also was unchanged. So pretty.

The kids had a great time climbing on the rocks near the water. Poor Jack slipped and fell, almost into the water!

Then these guys showed up. Russell Brown and Les Stoner. Buddies from G's Navy days. It was good to see them. I know G had a great time.

Russell, Les and his cute kids took us out to dinner. Thanks guys!

Dinner was at The Weathervane, a place G and I used to eat. Not sure I would recommend it these days. We did have fun with the lobster though.

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