Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Massachusetts makes 18!

After waking up in New Hampshire, we went downtown for breakfast at the Friendly Toast.  A great way to start the day! Then we went over to the The Works, to take some bagels with us for breakfast the next day. 

Our first day in Massachusetts we went to Salem for some sightseeing. Obviously, some of the oldest buildings and graves in the country are in Mass. We found a pretty church with a little graveyard out front.

Being silly in the visitors center.

This is a statue of the first settler in Salem. I believe his name was Roger Conant.

The Salem Witch Museum was a must. We had no idea what to expect and it proved to be very interesting. I was already very familiar with the witch trials but the kids didn't really know anything about it. A very important time in United States history, if you ask me.

This was a cool bridge we passed over near Boston.

We had joked a while back that we wanted to eat at Wahlburgers, after watching the show. Naturally G took us! It was pretty good, but I didn't see a Wahlberg anywhere. 

The Mayflower II was so much smaller than the kids expected, but neat for them to see.

Many of the places we visited in Mass had people in period costumes. At the Mayflower they have to stay in character. I was seriously amused.

Us at the Mayflower.

Right next to the Mayflower is Plymouth Rock. We had a discussion in the car on the way about how Plymouth Rock is much smaller in real life than you are lead to believe when you are a kid. Still, when Romy saw it, she was shocked at how small it is. 

You can clearly see where the rock was cemented back together in the 1980's, when two parts were reunited. Did you know one part is in the Smithsonian somewhere and another is n a church in Brooklyn? I did my research!

That evening we drove out to Sandwich, where we had dinner with my cousin Stephanie at a tiny little pub. She was very welcoming and let us stay with her for the two nights we visited Mass. More to come on Boston!

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