Monday, August 17, 2015

Nashville, Tennessee for Day 27

We made it to Tennessee pretty early on our 27th day. I was super excited because I had been looking forward to this day since we planned the trip. 

As soon as I knew we were going to Tennessee, I told G we had to go to Craft South! It is a new shop owned by one of my favorite fabric designers, Anna Maria Horner. It was so difficult to decide what to buy. I planned to spend a little money, but couldn't go crazy. I was telling the young woman who was working in the shop how excited I was to be there, and how far we had traveled. When I told her we were from Texas, she said she was from Carrollton, where I grew up. Crazy! Naturally, G started singing, It's a Small World, while listening to our conversation. 

We spent a little time walking around Downtown Nashville. Stopped by the Ryman Auditorium, which used to be the Grand Ole Opry House.

Romy recognized this street as soon as she saw it. It is in a scene from Coal Miner's Daughter. She and I watched the movie earlier this year and she enjoyed it more than I thought she would. More on that later!

From what we saw, the drinking and partying starts early in Nashville. Like, 10am early!

Once we left downtown, we wanted to visit the Parthenon. We were all very impressed by the Parthenon and it's history. It is a full scale model of the original, built in 1897, for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition.

This statue of Athena inside is very impressive. She is quite large and that gold is real.

We found this stained glass of Alabama in a shop we went into. I just really want to know the story behind this. There were two other sections, with the other band members on them. I mean, I like Alabama. I had a favorite 8track with one of their albums when I was like 10. Seriously though, Alabama on stained glass?

We had no other plans for the rest of the day, other than to travel to our next hotel for the night. On the way I started seeing these billboards. Billboards that told me we should visit the home of Loretta Lynn! G was cool with it, so we did! G and Noah were not interested in taking the tour, so Romy, Jack, and I did it without them. Romy was pretty into it. Her home looks exactly as it did in the early 80's. We were not allowed to take any photos inside the house, but if you have ever seen Coal Miner's Daughter, it looks just like it did in the movie, because scenes from the movie were filmed there. Fun fact- Sissy Spacek spent a year with Loretta Lynn, even gong on tour with her, before portraying Loretta in the movie. It earned her an Oscar. 

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