Monday, August 3, 2015

Niagara Falls Makes 16 Days

Niagara Falls was the destination for our sixteenth day. The first state we crossed over into was Pennsylvania. We didn't spend any time there, because we have plans to go back and see another part of the state before the trip is over. 

We must have seen at least ten of these eighteen wheelers for the Taylor Swift, 1989 tour while traveling to Niagara Falls. They were headed in the opposite direction. Never saw a tour bus, just the trucks.

Here we are crossing into New York.

This is a pretty, blue bridge we crossed as we neared the falls.

Yet another amazing sight!

Our original plan was to see the falls from the Canadian side, but in recent years they have changed the laws, and you need a passport to cross over into Canada. This also meant the kids couldn't get some of the Kraft Dinner that is only available in Canada. They saw it on youtube and wanted to try it. Oh well. Maybe we can order it online.

So cool to see the largest waterfall in the United States. It was interesting to me that this was not a National Park, but a New York state park. 

The falls are just amazing. I can't believe people used to go over them in wooden barrels. Crazy.

This pic shows the Canadian side.

As soon as you get within about 100 feet of the falls, you start to get wet. Jack was impressed.

Romy was just happy we were in New York!

Here we are, all wet. 


We chose not to do any of the tours and get even more wet. We still had more traveling to do that day.

There was a statue of Nikola Tesla at the visitors center. Fitting. More on him later in the trip....

Once again, so many people from all over the world.

That night was spent the night in Schenectady, New York. 

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