Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Rest of Day 22 in NYC

So, this really happened on our first day in NYC. We were in Times Square, early in the morning to pick up our tickets for our bus tour and other sight seeing destinations. After leaving the ticket booth, we were walking down the street, under some scaffolding. I had jack holding onto my backpack strap, because I was reading something. Suddenly, we heard a very loud thud/clang, as metal hit the sidewalk. 

This strap/hook thing that I can't remember the name of, fell right next to Jack. I mean, it nearly grazed his shoulder on the way down. That is how close it was. Naturally, my instant reaction was to make sure he was ok. As soon as I had this verified, I was yelling at the top of my lungs at the construction worker who dropped it. Let's just say it wasn't nice. There just happened to be a police officer standing right there, and just as we walked away, he began to yell at them! At first, Jack didn't realize what had happened, but the more we talked about, the more he began to understand. He got pretty upset. The rest of the time in NYC, he was nervous when walking under scaffolding.
These photos were taken the next day when we were in Times Square again. We thought it was necessary to get a photo of Jack in front of the place he nearly died. Someone had hung the strap on the scaffolding. I guess the guy was too afraid to come down and get it.
The whole thing could have been very bad, had it landed on his head. He was a very lucky boy that day!

Back to day two.....The reason we were back in Times Square was to visit Madame Tussaud's. This was another first for all of us. Romy was very worried about it in the beginning. She hates anything that is fake, but looks life like. Animatronics, like the ones at Disney World are her worst nightmare. She ended up enjoying this a lot once she realized it was not the same thing at all. We had a good time taking some silly photos. We couldn't resist the family shot with Brangelina.

The kids got really into it! 

We love Jimmy Fallon, so this was great.

Some of these are just too perfect.

While at the wax museum, we got to watch a 4D, Avengers, cartoon movie. That was pretty cool. We had water, air and bubbles blasted at us. Perfect for the kids.

This may be my favorite pic they took there.

There were so many places we went on this trip where movies had been filmed. Naturally NYC has tons of these locations. The kids recognized this bull from The Sorcerer's Apprentice, along with the fountain, which happens to be in the oldest park in New York.

Then there is this church, which was in another Nicholas Cage movie. One of the National Treasure films. I can't remember which one. Maybe the first? This was the church where they found all the treasure!

We had a wonderful time in New York. There were so many more photos taken that I will post when I have a chance. One of our favorite things was the evening tour on the bus the second day. The weather was perfect for it. That was the night the Empire State Building was lit up with pictures of endangered animals. Very cool to be there for that. 
I will say that most of us were ready to leave the city by the end of day two. It was wonderful to visit, but I'm not sure I would want to live there. As one of our tour guides said, everything in New York is man made. There is no nature. He told us that he had never even seen the stars until he left the city as a teenager. Makes me appreciate our small town even more.

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