Thursday, August 6, 2015


We started our twentieth day by saying goodbye to Stephanie. It was really great of her to let us stay with her for two nights! Thanks, Steph!! Hopefully we will see you back in Texas before too long.

We quickly crossed over into Rhode Island. It didn't take long to drive through the entire state. 

Next, on to Connecticut. For lunch we went to Mystic for some pizza. Remember the old move, Mystic Pizza? We totally ate lunch there! Surprisingly, it was very good pizza. I would recomend it. Naturally, I forgot to take any pictures. We didn't do anything else in Mystic because we had a date to keep in Groton.

First thing, we went and found our old apartment in Navy housing. It was still there, but was no longer government property, and had been turned into a regular apartment complex. That was a bit strange and a little sad. They were a bit run down. 

Then we went across the street to the Submarine Force Museum and took a tour of the USS Nautilus. 

Here we are on the Nautilus.

This was also on the boat.

Playing with the controls in the museum.

Showing a little love for the USS Groton, G's first boat.

When we finished at the museum, we were picked up by Chief Rice of the USS Springfield. He took us onto the base, and down onto the boat for a tour. Jack, Noah and G were thrilled with the tour. Romy, not so much. She is not a fan of small spaces. We couldn't take any photos on the submarine. In fact, they took our phones from us while we were on the boat. You will just have to imagine us on the boat. ;)
Thanks again to Chief Rice for adding a fantastic stop to our crazy adventure!

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